Saturday, 8 October 2016

Pringles Cans- up a notch!

Well, look at this!  I haven't blogged this yet?  Incredible.  I made these in February!!  I actually made 12 of them.  I streamed the making of them live on Twitch, and I decided to go "Instant Gratification" and speed up the entire thing by 16x and put it on my Youtube channel.

I had a comment come through just yesterday from someone, constructive criticism, could have been worded better, but whatever... and it echoed something another friend had said-- that she wanted to see it in real time with explanation.  Now that someone has actually commented it on YouTube, I decided to try and find the original videos and edit out some of the chit-chat and put them up.

I'm in the middle of all that editing now, which is why I'm nearly 12 hours late putting up my blog post!!  Sorry!

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Wendy said...

looks like a fun upcycling project :-)

Linda Wareham said...

I love these - so much fun to make and receive.

Karen said...

I see my Pringle can there!!!

KraftyKaren xx