Thursday, 5 March 2015

Two Easter Layouts

Hey, get out your party horns!  This is my 500th post!  I thought I had more... when KraftyKaren reported her 1000th, I thought for sure I'd done as much.  Not so!!!  Happy 500th to me!

More scrapbooking!  These pages were mostly done last year.  I have been working on putting finishing touches on them.  This one needed a title, and as it's a school thing, it will be going in my album.

This orangey one has more photos on it and will be going into Victoria's school album.  I like to keep the school layouts simple because they will hopefully all fit into one single album and I want it to be less bulky.

The most important thing for me with these layouts is just to get the dates on them so that I can put them in the right year section of the school scrapbook.  My large gap in scrapbooking meant I had to do some detective work to find out the dates.  It was a quick job but precisely the kind of thing I tend to procrastinate about.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

WOYWW, Chaos Edition!

It would be easier to say what's not on my desk this Wednesday.  Things that were spread all over the craft room had been moved out of the way to accommodate the guest bed for my father-in-law.  A lot of it went on to my workspace.  Now I'm trying to pack for a crafty weekend away and it's only going to get worse.

Let's see... What is actually on my desk?  I know that somewhere under there is my son's scrapbook that he started of his trip to Barcelona.  There's a little plastic tub with die cuts in it.  Closer to the top layer is a stack of Craft magazines, some with the freebies still attached. 

I've been perching stacks of other things to pack on the table as well, but most of my packing us done now.   A few more things to go, then I'll be ready to go.

Next week, I hope that I can have some time to make it workable again.

Thanks everyone who commented last week!  I will make the time to come and visit you in return.  Happy Wednesday!

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sports Day 2012: The Single

School events are kind of confusing because of how I scrapbook.  The kids each have their own school scrapbook that they will take away with them when they leave home, plus I have our family albums.  So for each event, I could be making 2 or even 3 separate pages or layouts.

This single page is for the family album.  The double LO is for Victoria's school album and I have used the same colours and supplies for it.

I still have a thing for Kraft paper and card so here it is on the background.  I can't remember what colour I used for the borders and mats but it is cut with a punch I borrowed from Wendy.  I believe it was a Martha Stewart punch, but I can't remember if it was Arabic or Moroccan something or other... perhaps Wendy will comment on this entry and let us all know.... :)

Monday, 2 March 2015

Me on a Monday - Buy It, Try It!

First allow me to wave at Sian from High in the Sky.  This is because I am following along with her Me on a Monday posting theme.  :)  For others doing the same, check her blog out on a Monday!

It was a Hey Big Spender, Shop Til You Drop, then Go Home and Play and eat Takeaway kind of a weekend.  I went over to Wendy's Friday night so that we could get up early and leave for the Make It Show in Farnborough on the Saturday.  We had an interesting journey, arguing with the Sat Nav lady (we've named her Felicity) about bypasses.  There were a few little roadworks bits but otherwise the journey was smooth sailing.

At the show, we were very good girls and only bought what was on our lists.

Okay, no.

I posted on Saturday about that.  It was the fastest shop and blog that has ever happened to me!  Started shopping at 10am, blog entry was up before 4pm.  Sweet.  Must be some sort of record.

My shopping companion (who has once more 'won the shopping' by spending the most) and I went to an American style Diner in Farnborough for lunch because the selection was less than it had been in previous years and Wendy was uninspired by what was on offer.  I played it safe (it's easy for an American to be disappointed in an American style diner in the UK or anywhere for that matter) and ordered Chili Cheese Fries.  I was afraid to order the Philly Cheese Steak lest it be one of those disappointing places that didn't know how to cut steak for a cheese steak.    The chili fries were so good that I will be trusting the Cheese Steak next time we come round.  Lovely food.  The place is called Sidewalks if you're ever in the Farnborough area.  It's on a one-way system so be careful and watch the signs for parking!  Ooh look at me, I'm like my own TripAdvisor.

We got home and photographed our shopping and blogged before getting started on some playing!!!!  I actually set out to play with my new toys from the show, so now I am moving on to the Buy It, Try It or BITI section of my blog for today!

For BITI, which is also slated for a Monday, I am waving to Wendy over at Scrapbooks and Cookbooks.

Today's BITI is a flat-packed MDF ribbon holder from The MDF Man.  I originally went to the MDF man for a letter rack and a remote control organiser but neither of those were available.  I was happy to see this ribbon rack though because I don't have that many reels of ribbon and I would like them to be organised.

I painted it with Autentico Chalk Paint in Byzantine.  I am planning to sand it back to its undercoat of Bathstone that I put on first and then rub some of this lime green Liquid Pearls on it to give it a crazy distressed look. 

I have also used some of my other lovely purchases from the day, but I'm not entirely sure yet whether there is going to be a BITI week or whether I'm just saving it for next Monday!  Meanwhile, why not go over to Scrapbooks and Cookbooks, or better yet, join in with us for Buy It, Try It Mondays!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Farnborough Show Haul!

After a very lean month, I spent up in style at the Make It show in Farnborough.  I just about got all of it in the frame but it's all overlapping.  I will do a YouTube video at some point with all of it, but for now here is a summary: 

My first stop was Meiflower for a few reels of satin ribbon.  I have been using up quite a lot of it so I thought I would replenish stock.  I got four rolls: white, sage green, tan and a rose pink.

My husband advised me to keep an open mind unless I saw a demo that I liked and wouldn't you know it?  There was.  GlitzCraft has their own stencil paste and I saw the demo and loved it. I got their package deal which included 2 large pots of paste (I got silver and light green), 4 small pots of paste (I got pink blue green and gold), a spreading knife and seven of last year's stencils.  I also got 2 of this year's stencils.  I use stencils with many different products so they will go a long way.

My trip to the MDF Man wasn't as fruitfulness as planned because he has scaled back production of late to spend time with his new baby.  Too right!  But that means my remote control organiser and letter rack will have to wait.  I did find a ribbon rack though so I bought that and will be painting it today.  Great!

Next up was inkylicious. I found two of the three sets of 12 Memento dew drop pads I wanted but upon closer inspection, the set contents were a little different than the ones I found on Amazon which means I'll have to wait until the third set becomes available from Inkylicious.  I am very happy with the two sets I got but I am waiting for brights.  While there I also picked up a sanding block and some masking tape.

At craft Obsessions I picked up some sheets of Stick it adhesive backing for fiddly die cuts.  If I get on well with it I will buy it in bulk as it could quite quickly become a staple for me.   I also got some silver leafing flakes and a new scoochy sponge for my flitterglu set and two of the new Ken Oliver Click It ink pads in lamp black and walnut.

Onward to Stampasaurus where there was a large selection of.... more stencils!! I got six more.  Stencil count from this show stands at a massive 15!!

That was it for show purchases but I did also get a spritzer tool and Martha Stewart punch at Oyster Stamps on Friday, so they're in the picture too!

Thanks for sticking with me if you made it this far.  It's playtime now!!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WOYWW: Time warp!

This week's  WOYWW should probably be called WWOYWLW. Because instead of What's on your work desk Wednesday, it's  What Was On Your Work desk Last Wednesday!

I have been making a lot of papercraft projects which have resulted in lots of conveniently sized scraps for die cutting,  so I took out my little Sidekick and just cut a whole bunch of whatever.  My favourite are the little blue birdies.  I cut them out of scraps that were already scored and I thought I wouldn't be able to  cut anything out of them.  Luckily, the birdies  were small enough to fit between the score lines and rendered these scraps very useful indeed!

If you would like to join in with WOYWW,  go to and add your entry into the linky.  :)  Check out everyone else sharing their Wednesday scenes.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Tatting Impasse

I made a tatted bracelet from a pattern I saw on Pinterest this summer.  I knew I had the perfect ribbon to attach it to but I didn't know where it was.  Now I have finally got the ribbon and the bracelet in the same place and I don't know what to do with it.  I was originally going to weave the ribbon in and out of the sections, but the parity is wrong and the weave would look strange.  Plus, it would cover up half of my hard work!  I know beads come into it somewhere but I'm uncertain as to how to proceed at the moment.  So here it sits, pinned to the board, waiting for me to make up my mind.