Thursday, 26 March 2015

Crafting in the car: Barry box

My Blogger app gives me no control over photo placement.  It's at the bottom of the entry so go have a look and come back.

I'll wait.

Okay?  No comments from the peanut gallery.  Those are Barry's legs.  LEGS.
This is a box from an online makeup shop that I have re purposed for yarn storage and dispensing expressly for making many Barrys.  I have decided that I want Barry bunting in my craft room,  so I will need to take this box with me so that every spare moment can result in an arm, a leg, a body or a head.  As you can see,  it fits quite nicely on my dashboard. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

WOYWW #303 - Hole in the chaos

Hello!  And hello especially to my fellow deskers!

For those of you who don't know the acronym in my title today, it means What's On your work desk Wednesday.  This is where I'm at today:

I spent some time tidying the desk up.  There are still piles here and there because I burst in today like a headless chicken looking for something.  Found it and left.  But before that it was looking pretty good.

There is actually work going on here... I started sticking a title down on Monday night and I walked away from it, not to return until now.  I'll be finishing it up soon.

Why is the scrapbook page upside down?

This title needed to be lined up with the top of the photo and it was too far to reach and still be accurate.  So I turned it over and I'm laying the rest of it down now, all in reverse.  You'll see the finished article soon enough if you read this blog on days other than Wednesday.  :)

Want to participate in WOYWW?  Want to snoop through some other peoples' desks?  Go here:

If you've written a post about your desk along with a photo, copy the link to your clipboard beforehand.  Then you can paste it into Mr. Linky and join in with us!!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Cameron's Sports Day 2012

I made two identical pages like this, one for Cameron's school album and one for the family album.  Not a whole lot to say about this one except that it's some shade of red Bazzill, with blue mats punched in this cool border, another one I borrowed from Wendy at the same time as I borrowed the one I used on Victoria's Sports Day 2012 pages.  This punch makes the edge look like it was paper-pierced and the little tiny blue dots all over the table when I was finished were amazing. :)  Also, it left these little moustache shapes and I glued one of them to my face and took a selfie.  I don't know exactly where that is, but I think Facebook might be where to look.... if you're that bothered...

Anyway, voila and all that.  More scrapbooking to come soon.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Me on a Monday

It was a Crafty Delivery Saturday followed by a Surprising the kids Sunday kind of a weekend.

I took Wendy's craft tote over to her place on Saturday and we got a great deal of crafting and "buy it try it" done.

The first photo is of two of the whopping six cards I made by patching together some scraps,  and what was left after first  two.  I still had enough to make a seventh but it would have been fiddly and probably not so nice looking so I put the leftovers in the bin.

Me on Monday?

Slow start to the week because I can.  Eggs Benedict with a friend.  A walk around Rochester in the sun.  A quick shopping trip and lunch grabbed on the way to a meeting with a teacher, then a nearly completed Zentangle (sans shading) in the afternoon. 
That's the second photo.

And that's  Me on Monday.  Here's where I give a wave to Sian at:

She is the original Me on a Monday and compiles a list of other Mondayers you can visit.  Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Make Believe Show 2012

Victoria went to an acting, dancing, singing activity group called Make Believe when we lived in London.  She enjoyed it and made friends there.  At the end of the year they did a show in an off-west-end theatre with a semi-pro cast backing them up.

Victoria was in three numbers- A B C by Michael Jackson,  Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid and finally,  The Lion King.  For that last one, she decided that she'd rather watch the rest of the cast behind her so she sat down on the stage with her back to the audience!!

If I was a pushy stage mom I would have been fuming but you know what?  She was having a blast.  And that's what matters.  Make Believe is a fun place for kids to learn to sing, dance and act and actually enjoy doing it.  If you're a pushy stage mom and expect perfection from all the little ones sharing the stage with your star, I'm terribly sorry...

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Vixie and her Mammy

Mammy is the name that we traditionally are calling our maternal grandmothers.  I was the first, because my Mammy had a nanny in the South of the USA and they called their nannies Mammy.  She loved her Mammy so much that she wanted to be called Mammy one day.

(Clarification for anyone who speaks with an Irish accent, in the USA, Mammy is pronounced the same way as Americans pronounce "Ma'am," which isn't very helpful unless you have heard that in a movie or some such... as Mammy and "ma'am-y" would sound the same in Irish too!!!)

If you recall the page entitled "My Grampa," It is made with basically the same stuff, just a bit more girly looking. :)

Friday, 20 March 2015

A Rainbow of Scrubs

A Rainbow of Scrubs.  It is what it says it is.  I just found it cool that you could buy scrubs from Wal-Mart in so many colours.  I made this a very basic page that I'm sure I have some sort of name for in my head but it doesn't translate into anything I can type.  Basically this kind of page is anchored either on the left or right with a piece of patterned paper and has a number of other layers, some torn, some punched, whatever, and then I put a smaller little cluster of strips up in the corner to echo the main layout.  I think I picked it up when I was doing Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party.  You will see a lot of this from me.  This time, I added a title cut from a Sizzlits set and a small filigree butterfly cut out of the same paper as the border punched layer of plain cardstock.  Other than choosing a solid background colour (I think this is Jacaranda by Bazzill) and matting the photo on white, that is absolutely it.

Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party had a lot of takeaway value for me, the most interesting part being the analysis of patterned papers and how to unify several patterns without making your eyes water.  I also love her Creative Stash Dive project, wihch combines several patterns and solids and using all of it up to the last possible scrap.  Great video which is included in the Pretty Paper Party class if you're interested. is the place to go if the class is still available.