Sunday, 23 October 2016

Shameless Folksy Plug!

I thought I'd show you a few of my Folksy items again today...

Just in time for your you-know-what shopping....

Yeah, I said it... 
I also can cook up different colour schemes if you have one in mind...
Free UK shipping. :)

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Tiggy's New Friend...

Well if it isn't Paintbox Yarns making an appearance... my kitty boy Tiggy decided it would be nice to fall asleep in my yarn pile and half on top of me... so as he was totally CAT-a-tonic... I lifted up his paw and made him cuddle this yarn and took his picture.  Is that mean?  He seemed to love it.  When he woke up, he just cuddled it more and went back to sleep... silly boy.

Tiggy has been around yarn all but 8 weeks of his life.  As such, he isn't a yarn chaser.  He happily will sit and watch me crochet... sometimes between me and the crochet... and he won't interfere with it at all.  As for his sister Lady... I have no explanation for why she is convinced that all yarn is alive and it's her job to kill it... she's had exactly the same upbringing as Tiggy.  Tiggy has attached himself to me, where Lady Whitefoot has imprinted on my 13 year old son Cameron.   Perhaps that's why-- Tiggy is closer to the yarn!

Sleep tight, boy... stay warm!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Cat Cave... post-surgery!

Issue 43 of Simply Crochet has this pattern for a Cat Cave... it does stay up on its own... just.  I needed to try and fix the left-hand side of the opening, and it's still a bit weird but there is just that little improvement in the support of the opening so the cats can go in....

I used a 10mm hook and Hoooked Zpagetti yarn in brown.... yeah, I know what it looks like.  I know that in any other colour it would not look like that... but hey, it matches my decor better than any other colour... and it's right up our family's alley humour-wise.  So it's ok.

I was planning to make two, and I bought two rolls of this fabric yarn, but after sore fingers, RSI and using up way more than I'd planned to, I think I will stop at one.  Now what to use the leftover bit for?  Hmmm.... it is still brown... it makes everything look like a.... well, you know.  Not sure it would be the best choice for a water bottle cover... ick.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Once Upon a Cable, colour change!

Wow.... I have been incredibly lucky...

I decided to change colours by adding a white background, reducing the pink to just the criss-crosses, then changing to teal for the criss-crosses... then go to solid teal.  It just so happened that this extra bit of white Aran lasted exactly as long as I needed it to.  Whew!!!

Now, I am solely crocheting in teal, back to one ball, no need to fasten off after every other row.  Now I can go back to mindlessly crocheting!

I really love this pattern.  It's for sale on Ravelry, and the name of it is actually Once Upon a Cable Blanket.  The pattern can be made at a variety of widths, so you can make a scarf, a baby blanket, or a quilt!  It is very heavy the way I've done it, with Aran yarn and a 5mm hook... I will be rolling mine around a bolster cushion and making circles for the ends, and one side will be pink and the other teal, and will go on our bed... cool :)

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Simply Crochet CAL, Month 2

Here's the second pair of squares from the Simply Crochet CAL!  I'm happy to see how these colours are mixing together as they colourways change.  I love how I have nearly an all-purple one and nearly and all-blue one, each with their own appropriate green.

These photos were taken at different times of the day, so you can compare the purple squares in the two pictures and see the differences in tone... the background image behind the purple square is one of the original colourways.  I do love that teal...

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Simply Crochet CAL, Month 1

CAL: That means Crochet-A-Long.  Everyone's doing it... aren't you?  I used to feel left out because it always seemed to be a KAL, or Knit-A-Long that was being done and I didn't know how to knit back then... now I am a happy bunny, because although I do know how to knit now, I still far prefer crochet.  So Crochet-A-Long it is!!!

This CAL is appearing in subscriber copies of Simply Crochet magazine.  Their recommended colour pack was more or less a rainbow- it had a cerise pink, an orangey red, yellow, lime green, teal, blue etc etc... I can't remember it all, but it was 8 rainbow colours plus grey.  I saw the preview photos and decided that I wanted all cool colours for my CAL so I chose my own yarns... artistic license, right?

The recommended yarn was Cascade 220 wool.  I couldn't really afford £50 for a yarn pack, so I went over to and picked a bunch of Paintbox Yarns in aran, and this is how my first two squares came out.  I'm happy with them!

This CAL is going to be going for a year at least... so you will be seeing two squares a month.  Except for this month, because I'm playing catch-up and already have another two squares done!

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Holiday Here-We-Go!

So... Here cometh the red, green and gold.  And here cometh a new opportunity for me!!!

Feast your eyes on the samples for the first edition of Discover Papercraft, a right-from-the-beginning look at cardmaking and other papercrafts!

If you're in (or willing to travel to) Medway in Kent, check out Unravel and Unwind for more details on how to attend.  I am hoping to accompany this with some YouTube videos, but I must take it one step at a time.  At the moment, I am hard at work making samples and organising the Christmas stash!  Come and join us for some relaxed, holiday-themed fun.

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