Thursday, 30 October 2014

The mistake square, Mk. II.

Mein enemy, Parallax distortion, strikes again.   This square came out great! Not lopsided as it looks in the photo.

I sequestered myself in my room one day and looked at my previous square and reverse - engineered the pattern for it.  Yesterday I set about making the square according to the pattern, making alterations as I went.  I have now finished the square.  Here it is, and now I will go back yet again to the pattern to make sure everything is fine and voila! I have designed my own original Crochet Square.   So happy! 

I call it the Loom Flower Ruffle Square.
This is me posting the design to myself as a matter of public record!  Hooray!

I doubt I'll ever become a crochet designer full time but at least I can say I did it once.

Perhaps I will sell the pattern on Etsy or something.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Deep in the makeup brush forest...

This is usually a crafty blog but today in my craft room I dug up some of the makeup brushes that were hiding away in my makeup stash.  I took them all downstairs to commune with my newer brushes and when they were all acquainted, they had a bath.  Now they are standing tall and getting some air.

For makeup geeks I will mention where this collection of brushes hails from:

I have most recently bought quite a few of the Real Techniques brushes because they perform well and also they were designed by makeup artists from Pixiwoo. I adore Pixiwoo so I thought they deserved my support.  I love these brushes and they are mostly to blame for why my others haven't seen the light of day since about three halloweens ago.

In the back row where all the naughty brushes go, I have remnants of two sets of Body Shop brushes from two distinct phases of packaging.  One is wooden handled and one is plastic and quite wide - bottomed which makes them hard to store.

I also have Benefit brushes from at least three re-brandings ago, an Urban Decay brush from way before they went all gangsta glam, and a couple of brushes from Pout.  Remember them?  They hit the headlines in the early 2000s when Kylie used their lip gloss in the shade Pop My Bubble? Maybe I imagined it. Anyway, they had a cheeky little boutique in Covent Garden and I kinda want to go look them up all of a sudden.

I have done The Right Thing and had a purge of old makeup.  My nostalgic side did not want to part with a lot of it but hygiene dictates.  Now I can take a good look at what's left and try out this new Cut Crease thing that's everywhere at the moment.

Back to craft tomorrow!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Blazing Zentangle Trails...

This is the first time I made my Zentangle exceed the boundary I drew.  Laugh all you like, this did emerge from my meditative drawing place. 

What, you don't get it?  Good.  Nothing to see here... just another Zentangle...

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Glitter Pot Haul!

I was looking online for a large Woodware tag punch and The Glitter Pot had it cheaper than Amazon.  I was thinking about buying another tag punch too, with a different kind of top so I got that too.  The Monstera punch was half price and will be useful so I got that too.  I checked out the clearance section too and got a couple of sets of Magnolia stamps and a little do crafts set and some sidekick plates.  I've been so riveted to the lounge this week that I've only just now brought them up to the craft room to put away. 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Another Zentangle tile

This one has got to be my favourite Zentangle tile of all time... which actually doesn't mean a lot right now.  This one makes me think of Tim Burton and is a bit creepy.  Do you have a Tim Burton film running across your mind's eye now?  I challenge you to channel the imagery.  Blog it and post me a link in the comments.   I do intend to get to round to looking at my comments and other blogs soon.  Tomorrow morning, in fact.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Zentangle Tile Number 3

Every time I Zentangle, I refer to my book to learn a few new patterns or a Zentangle concept.  This one was definitely a "Few new patterns" one.  I tend to choose my patterns differently now.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

I Lied! My Real 1st Tile.

Ok, I messed up.  It turns out I didn't get a photo of my first tile when I wrote that entry.  This one was my first tile.