Saturday, 22 October 2016

Tiggy's New Friend...

Well if it isn't Paintbox Yarns making an appearance... my kitty boy Tiggy decided it would be nice to fall asleep in my yarn pile and half on top of me... so as he was totally CAT-a-tonic... I lifted up his paw and made him cuddle this yarn and took his picture.  Is that mean?  He seemed to love it.  When he woke up, he just cuddled it more and went back to sleep... silly boy.

Tiggy has been around yarn all but 8 weeks of his life.  As such, he isn't a yarn chaser.  He happily will sit and watch me crochet... sometimes between me and the crochet... and he won't interfere with it at all.  As for his sister Lady... I have no explanation for why she is convinced that all yarn is alive and it's her job to kill it... she's had exactly the same upbringing as Tiggy.  Tiggy has attached himself to me, where Lady Whitefoot has imprinted on my 13 year old son Cameron.   Perhaps that's why-- Tiggy is closer to the yarn!

Sleep tight, boy... stay warm!