Thursday, 20 October 2016

Once Upon a Cable, colour change!

Wow.... I have been incredibly lucky...

I decided to change colours by adding a white background, reducing the pink to just the criss-crosses, then changing to teal for the criss-crosses... then go to solid teal.  It just so happened that this extra bit of white Aran lasted exactly as long as I needed it to.  Whew!!!

Now, I am solely crocheting in teal, back to one ball, no need to fasten off after every other row.  Now I can go back to mindlessly crocheting!

I really love this pattern.  It's for sale on Ravelry, and the name of it is actually Once Upon a Cable Blanket.  The pattern can be made at a variety of widths, so you can make a scarf, a baby blanket, or a quilt!  It is very heavy the way I've done it, with Aran yarn and a 5mm hook... I will be rolling mine around a bolster cushion and making circles for the ends, and one side will be pink and the other teal, and will go on our bed... cool :)

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Wendy said...

I like that pattern, great that the white lasted!

KraftyKaren said...

LOoks great - well done on getting the white to last exactly how long you needed it to!!