Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Colorista Course Week 2, bookmarks!

The second week of the Colorista Course was about Colour Theory and I chose a colour scheme for my bookmarks... can you tell what it is?  I think it's triadic, or maybe split-complimentary... depends how much green I used, which as you can see varies wildly on each of these bookmarks.  I have a thing about colouring leaves anything but leaf-colours.. green, yellow, red, orange, brown... maybe a little aubergine veins on a green leaf.  This was fun though.  I have since laminated each one of these and attached a plastic eyelet thingy and some eyelash yarn in teal.

Must find that photo.... :)  I didn't already blog it, right?  Blogtober 2016 is playing tricks on my brain!!!

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