Saturday, 29 October 2016

Broomstick Lace Scarf

Seems like there's a halo over this, probably because it's just that good.... if I do say so myself...

I have had a go at broomstick lace several times, but have never actually persevered long enough to make anything useful... until now!

I saw a broomstick lace scarf made using the self-striping yarn with very subtle colour changes.   I love this kind of yarn, but as a crocheter, I don't often get the desired effect with them.  I still buy them because I just love to look at them.  I had started making a lacy bolero with this yarn-- King Cole Riot-- and the project sort of stalled.  I knew I needed more yarn to make it and I ordered some.  It came and I never even unwrapped the bag... until this pattern reminded me of its existence!

So I took the new balls of this yarn and started to make this.  I am really enjoying watching the colours change and watching this new pattern take shape... each time I finish a row, I enjoy just admiring it for a minute before starting on the next one.  I just love it.

Broomstick lace is one of those things that I can see my friends watching me make and going, "Oh, I could never do that, it's too fiddly!" and yeah... it was for about 3 rows.  After that, you just get into it and you get used to it.  Patience, that's all it takes.  Perseverance.  And for effect I should use one more word beginning with P.  Patience, Perseverance, and... Perniciousness?  I don't know what Pernicious means but ah well.  None of the other words I was thinking were at all appropriate.  Pernickety?  Pyewacket?  Precocious?  Pro-active?  Professional?  ... no, definitely not that.

Pumpkins!  That reminds me of October.  October?  Blogtober.  Take a look at other Blogtober 2016 participants by visiting this post.


Wendy said...

Perfect ? LOL. It looks lovely :-)

KraftyKaren said...

What beautiful yarn x