Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Party Bags for Victoria!

This year, Victoria had a sleepover party at her house and I, as I normally do, made her goody bags using the time-honoured Bags From Envelopes technique.  This one actually did end up on YouTube.  Click here to watch the video!

If you don't want to watch the video, I'll just paraphrase the making of these... mainly because I have used this technique so many times and most likely I have blogged them almost as many times.  So here's the skinny:

I seal the envelope and make sure it lies flat.

I decorate the front and the back the same way, so it is more or less continuous.

I cut one side off of the bag and score the same size margin around the remaining sides and really burnish the folds down well in all directions.

I also score a diagonal line from the intersecting score lines to the outer corners of the bottom of the bag, and burnish and fold these as well.

I pop the flat envelope into a bag shape by reaching inside the cut-off edge and manipulating the folds etc. (if you need help with this bit, the video will probably help... )

Then I punch two sets of holes in the top of the bag, so that the holes go through all layers of the folded sides, and pass a ribbon through all the holes, forming a large loop, so it can be pulled up to make handles.

I do this all the time, and when I blog or otherwise document it, I always say that it was originally taught to me by a Stampin' Up!  demonstrator, a very very long time ago and it has been a very useful technique through the years.

The decoration was done as follows:

I applied Distress Stains to a strip going across the envelope, in a variety of colours.  I over-stamped a swirly border on the top and bottom and also over-stamped the coloured area with a french border stamp from Stampin' Up! called En Francais, which I believe is discontinued now.

Enjoy the video if you're going over there to watch it- if you're not, why not check out the other Blogtober 2016 participants?  You can find links to their blogs in the original post.


Wendy said...

they are great, as always :-)

KraftyKaren said...

These are lovely - love how you have done the panels with distress stains and overstamping