Friday, 7 October 2016

A second Peacock Throw?

Yes, a year ago on this very blog, one of my crochet-labeled entries contained a photo of my cat sitting on a nearly-done peacock throw.  And if you look at that photo and compare it to this one, you will see that the colours are very different.  That's because this one's for me!

Having done this throw already, I have decided to take another tack with this one- and tack I shall!

The previous throw had each feather pattern sewn on individually, regular spacing be damned!  (but don't tell Wendy)

This time I have decided to tack the motifs together.  Initially, I tried to sew them together along several stitches, but the piece had no movement and started to look like a hexagonal tesselation rather than a collection of teardrop shapes.  So I took them apart and tacked them together in three places.  Much better!

I haven't worked on this one for a few months, but as the cooler weather sets in and I don't mind sitting underneath a mass of crochet, it will come out again!  I can't wait.

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KraftyKaren said...

I am sure it will be beautiful when finished - hope you will share it on the blog x

Wendy said...

Those colours are lovely, too :-)