Sunday, 16 October 2016

Irish Crochet Pincushion

I have always wanted to try Irish Crochet, and there was a small pattern and an introduction to Irish Crochet in Simply Crochet Magazine several months back.  I decided to give it a try!

It's very interesting- mostly using rings, loops and chains.  It reminds me of tatting, which I have also been doing, but not so much of late.

There is a free-form side to Irish Crochet which I'm keen to try as well, but at the moment, my crochet dance-card is full.  Overflowing, actually.  And I love it!!


Wendy said...

That is lovely :-) I promise not to buy you any more crochet books ....... LOL.

KraftyKaren said...

That is really lovely - I had not heard of this style of crochet but it looks really interesting