Friday, 28 October 2016

Bookmarks, All Finished!

Here they are, as promised... well, three of them at least.

This is what became of the coloured-in bookmark sheet kindly provided by Crafters Companion, the company behind the Spectrum Noir Colorista colouring course that I took online a couple of months back.

Once the sheet had been coloured, I cut out each individual bookmark, laminated all of them, punched holes where indicated, then lined the holes with some no-setting-required "snap" eyelets that I have had in my stash for years.  I'm happy to have started using them up, and they were perfect for this project!

As a finishing touch, I dug through my stash for some weird yarn to use, and came up with this teal eyelash yarn, which I think worked a treat!

I liked the bleed-through effect that was on the back of the card, so I just laminated the one sheet with no backing layer.  Now I can enjoy both sides of the design... at least until I give them away!

My daughter has already taken one, and I believe I reserved one for myself as well... but where did it go?  I only have three here and there should be four... kitty?

So... we are rapidly nearing the end of Blogtober 2016.  I am pleased to say that through a great deal of scheduling (I maintain that scheduling is not cheating!) I have managed to do every day but one.  I missed yesterday because I was having a great time at a local craft drop-in centre, at which I am now volunteering twice a week.  We ended up just sitting and having a staff natter and it got very late indeed.

I hope that the one day is the only one that I will miss this month.


Wendy said...

That eyelash yarn is perfect :-)

KraftyKaren said...

Really lovely bookmarks - great idea to laminate them