Wednesday, 26 October 2016

24-hour Scarf Marathon!

I guess this one is going to take some explaining...

GMYD stands for Good Morning You Drunks, a show on Radio Free Radio, hosted by Matt Wade, Nathan Emilio, and Justin Wilson out of Hampton Roads, Virginia.

I have been listening to Matt and Nate and anyone who wishes to join them for about two years.  It started with a podcast, then a 24 hour podcast streamed onto YouTube, then an internet radio station, and now a second 24 hour YouTube stream simulcast onto their internet radio station.

These 24 hour efforts are made in order to raise money for their cause.  This year in particular, they need some funds to upgrade equipment and file paperwork to become a non-profit entity, opening pathways into becoming an FCC-licensed Community Radio Station.  Exciting!!

So I was wondering how (other than shooting them a chunk of change which I already did) I could help... perhaps using my skills?

Hmm... Crochet?

I decided to join them in their 24 hour journey, listening and watching, but also crocheting.  The resulting scarf could then be sent to them and maybe they could auction it off or something...

...then I saw the finished article and decided that no one in their right mind is going to want to bid for such a monstrosity!  I'm sending it to them anyway... but only as a creepy gift from a creepier fangirl.

The scarf was made using DK yarn already in my stash, in the colours of their show logo.  During the 24 hour part, I didn't crochet all through it but it still ended up being 6 feet long!  Any longer and it would be a trip hazard I suppose...

I decided to add the letters GMYD to the scarf, so I looked online and found Moogly's Crochet Alphabet.  Google it, it's free.  And from what I've already tried, quite easy to do with the basic crochet stitches.  It's in US terminology, if you're interested.

So Blogtober is coming to a close... if you still want to see who else is taking part so you can read their blogs too, check out this post.

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