Saturday, 15 October 2016

Upcycling Mobile Device Boxes

I have always maintained that boxes that hold expensive mobile devices make fabulous craft storage.  These HUDL boxes are no exception!  Victoria got a HUDL one year for Christmas, as did I.  As such, we had two boxes with little ribbon drawer-pulls at our disposal.  Perfect for a little crafting chest for my little girl!

The two boxes were glued together using Golden Gel Medium.  Then they were wrapped in foiled paper to unify the outside.  As for the inside... I found some little plastic containers with lids that have nicely sectioned off the drawers.

The purpose of this little unit was clear before I even completed it.  I wanted Victoria to have a card-making station, with die-cut or punched shapes, some adhesives, some card blanks, and whatever else she needs to make cards for her friends.  We just need to get round to the cutting and punching bit!  I'm hoping that it will make short work of my scrap box... and the boxes it has overflowed into!!!

Blogtober 2016 is just about halfway over!  Have you been to the original post to see the other bloggers involved?


Wendy said...

Do I recognise that foiled paper....??? LOL. That's a lovely thing for Victoria to have :-)

KraftyKaren said...

Really cute - I hope Victoria enjoys using it