Monday, 3 October 2016

Tatted Angel

It's a bit early for Christmassy things, but I suppose this has an everyday vibe to it as well... it's my latest addition to my Etsy shop, a tatted angel, and I originally bought the pattern from Lacemakermom on... Etsy!

For those unfamiliar with tatting, it's a series of knots and picots, sometimes in a loop, sometimes in a straight line, and it can be done with a tatting needle or with shuttles.  I prefer shuttles.  I learned tatting on YouTube.  If you can get hold of tatting shuttles, it's a great craft to try!  This angel was a little bit complex, but there are simpler patterns you can start out with.  I do love this angel though...

It's in a little 4-inch silver frame that I got from Wendy at Scrapbooks And Cookbooks.  She is participating in Blogtober, as I am.  If you'd like to know more, to register your blog or visit other Blogtober bloggers, please visit the original post here.  You can join in, or just read along-- it's your choice!


Wendy said...

Lovely piece of work and doesn't it look perfect in that frame :-)

KraftyKaren said...

That is adorable - so much intricate work. I use to look after a very elderly lady at our church on Sundays and walked her home after service until she was unable to, she use to do the most beautiful tatting and I still have all the cross bookmarks that she made for me.