Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Simply Crochet CAL, Month 1

CAL: That means Crochet-A-Long.  Everyone's doing it... aren't you?  I used to feel left out because it always seemed to be a KAL, or Knit-A-Long that was being done and I didn't know how to knit back then... now I am a happy bunny, because although I do know how to knit now, I still far prefer crochet.  So Crochet-A-Long it is!!!

This CAL is appearing in subscriber copies of Simply Crochet magazine.  Their recommended colour pack was more or less a rainbow- it had a cerise pink, an orangey red, yellow, lime green, teal, blue etc etc... I can't remember it all, but it was 8 rainbow colours plus grey.  I saw the preview photos and decided that I wanted all cool colours for my CAL so I chose my own yarns... artistic license, right?

The recommended yarn was Cascade 220 wool.  I couldn't really afford £50 for a yarn pack, so I went over to LoveCrochet.com and picked a bunch of Paintbox Yarns in aran, and this is how my first two squares came out.  I'm happy with them!

This CAL is going to be going for a year at least... so you will be seeing two squares a month.  Except for this month, because I'm playing catch-up and already have another two squares done!

This blog entry is part of Blogtober 2016.  Check the original post for more information.  It's never too late to join in... unless it's November!


Wendy said...

great squares :-) what will they be made up into eventually?

Karen said...

Lovely - look forward to seeing your CAL progress x

Krafty Karen x

KarmaCraft said...

The CAL squares will eventually be all crocheted together with the grey yarn into a small blanket. 4x6 squares.