Saturday, 1 October 2016

Welcome to Blogtober 2016!!

First off, if you are participating in Blogtober 2016, right click the above photo and select "save image as..." and put it into your blog layout somewhere, maybe in your side margin, and link it to my original post about Blogtober.  Here is the URL: 

This will make a quick-access link to the list of participants, as well as serve as a little badge, should you wish to remember your participation!

Any trouble getting this to work, please comment here and I will check regularly!

Now that the formalities are over, my first entry for Blogtober is going to be a quick intro about me, what I do, where I can be found on the internet, and what you can expect to see from me throughout Blogtober!

My goal is to post every day throughout Blogtober, so you should be seeing plenty!  You only need to look as far as my post labels to see what my passions are:  Scrapbooking, other Papercrafts, Crocheting, Knitting (a bit), Tatting, Floral Punch Craft... bit of Mixed Media and Adult Colouring, which I should be sharing this month if I haven't already.

My name is Sy Peddlesden, I have a little organisation of one called Happy Accident Studios.  I do a little bit of everything there too, because it is merely an extension of myself as a crafter.  I have a:

I can also be found on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Vine (rarely) and my name on all of these is @hapaxstudios.

That about does it for my crafty side... I make stuff, I sell stuff, I like to teach people how to do stuff.  
Now for the rest:

I am a Stay at home Mum to a 13-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter.  I am also involved in community arts and crafts groups and a secondary school PTA.  My latest volunteer venture is with a group called Infinity Life Skills CIC, which launches soon.  Also deep in the depths of my alter-ego, I have a very immature and a little smutty podcast which you must never, ever find. :)

I'm not a very good homemaker.  I enjoy walking (until my fitness band tells me I don't have to anymore) and playing tennis with my daughter.  She's just learning, so at the moment I can just about drag myself around the court to try and keep up with her!  It's easier to get my steps in for the day when I'm running around trying to return her freakish serves.  And we have a two-bounce rule to protect my aching muscles.

Here's the worst thing though-- I also like Minecraft.  I reached out in an attempt to understand what my kids were so into, and I stayed.  I got sucked right in.  Problem is, first-person gaming makes me motion sick, so I am limited to digging in a more or less straight line and mining supplies for other people, and building roads.  I could go on. Don't get me started on the abandoned mineshaft I found and am now systematically stripping out... 

You may commence laughing at me in the comments section for that one.... and I'll be back tomorrow with actual photos of crafty stuff, not Minecrafty stuff.  I promise!

Finally, I will end like this:

This post is part of Blogtober 2016.  You can register your blog and see who else is participating here.


Wendy said...

First day! Looking forward to the rest of your month, will there be any crochet snowflakes? LOL

KraftyKaren said...

Hooray I am in and have started - now to keep the momentum.

Thank you for organising for me - eternally grateful and looking forward to seeing your posts - I have no idea what this Minecraft thingy is apart from it is a computer game. Anyway there should be no shame I am addicted to Bubble Witch, Candy Crush and Angry Birds LOL!!