Wednesday, 4 March 2015

WOYWW, Chaos Edition!

It would be easier to say what's not on my desk this Wednesday.  Things that were spread all over the craft room had been moved out of the way to accommodate the guest bed for my father-in-law.  A lot of it went on to my workspace.  Now I'm trying to pack for a crafty weekend away and it's only going to get worse.

Let's see... What is actually on my desk?  I know that somewhere under there is my son's scrapbook that he started of his trip to Barcelona.  There's a little plastic tub with die cuts in it.  Closer to the top layer is a stack of Craft magazines, some with the freebies still attached. 

I've been perching stacks of other things to pack on the table as well, but most of my packing us done now.   A few more things to go, then I'll be ready to go.

Next week, I hope that I can have some time to make it workable again.

Thanks everyone who commented last week!  I will make the time to come and visit you in return.  Happy Wednesday!

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Clemencia R said...

I think mine is worst lol

Ali H said...

Wow it looks like the leaning tower of crafting ! A whole weekend crafting - do tell us how you get on !! Sounds fab ! Ali #21

Lindart said...

How awesome that your son is doing a travel scrapbook! You have fun on your crafty weekend - I'm jealous! LOL! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #71

Anne said...

It's great when children craft as well. I have fun with my grandchildren now :-) Have a great weekend. Anne x #38

Jennifer Stahr said...

Wow! That's a full load on your desk this week! Things do get a little crazy when you are trying to pack for a crop. *Hugs*

My Scrap Menagerie #84

Julia Dunnit said...

For us on the outside looking in, it's fascinating. I have countless magazines - unread and still with the freebies...that will never change, I'm rubbish at reading them! I think as long as you know and accept that it has to get worse before it gets better, it's much easier to deal with. And who knows..maybe your FiL will do it all while you're away - have a fab retreat!