Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Uncle Jamie DLO

I'm really happy with this one.  This is a DLO of photos taken of my brother Jamie, his girlfriend at the time and my daughter Victoria.  It really captures their silliness and his Proud Uncle Moment while we were stealing a moment for food at Chipotle.

I wanted it to have a tatoo-ey feel to it because my brother had collected some nice ones since I last saw him.  I love his Finnish Lion tattoo that says Sisu, which can be translated as Courage but I think it's more like "Balls" or "Cajones." My mother's side of the family is half Finnish and many of us carry some stereotypical Finnish traits, the aforementioned Sisu being one of them.

I didn't see nearly enough of my brother on this particular trip and I haven't been back since.  I hope to see him in the next year or two at the latest.  I miss him.

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KraftyKaren said...

Love the background covered in die cuts - must try that some time x