Sunday, 22 March 2015

Make Believe Show 2012

Victoria went to an acting, dancing, singing activity group called Make Believe when we lived in London.  She enjoyed it and made friends there.  At the end of the year they did a show in an off-west-end theatre with a semi-pro cast backing them up.

Victoria was in three numbers- A B C by Michael Jackson,  Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid and finally,  The Lion King.  For that last one, she decided that she'd rather watch the rest of the cast behind her so she sat down on the stage with her back to the audience!!

If I was a pushy stage mom I would have been fuming but you know what?  She was having a blast.  And that's what matters.  Make Believe is a fun place for kids to learn to sing, dance and act and actually enjoy doing it.  If you're a pushy stage mom and expect perfection from all the little ones sharing the stage with your star, I'm terribly sorry...

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