Monday, 2 March 2015

Me on a Monday - Buy It, Try It!

First allow me to wave at Sian from High in the Sky.  This is because I am following along with her Me on a Monday posting theme.  :)  For others doing the same, check her blog out on a Monday!

It was a Hey Big Spender, Shop Til You Drop, then Go Home and Play and eat Takeaway kind of a weekend.  I went over to Wendy's Friday night so that we could get up early and leave for the Make It Show in Farnborough on the Saturday.  We had an interesting journey, arguing with the Sat Nav lady (we've named her Felicity) about bypasses.  There were a few little roadworks bits but otherwise the journey was smooth sailing.

At the show, we were very good girls and only bought what was on our lists.

Okay, no.

I posted on Saturday about that.  It was the fastest shop and blog that has ever happened to me!  Started shopping at 10am, blog entry was up before 4pm.  Sweet.  Must be some sort of record.

My shopping companion (who has once more 'won the shopping' by spending the most) and I went to an American style Diner in Farnborough for lunch because the selection was less than it had been in previous years and Wendy was uninspired by what was on offer.  I played it safe (it's easy for an American to be disappointed in an American style diner in the UK or anywhere for that matter) and ordered Chili Cheese Fries.  I was afraid to order the Philly Cheese Steak lest it be one of those disappointing places that didn't know how to cut steak for a cheese steak.    The chili fries were so good that I will be trusting the Cheese Steak next time we come round.  Lovely food.  The place is called Sidewalks if you're ever in the Farnborough area.  It's on a one-way system so be careful and watch the signs for parking!  Ooh look at me, I'm like my own TripAdvisor.

We got home and photographed our shopping and blogged before getting started on some playing!!!!  I actually set out to play with my new toys from the show, so now I am moving on to the Buy It, Try It or BITI section of my blog for today!

For BITI, which is also slated for a Monday, I am waving to Wendy over at Scrapbooks and Cookbooks.

Today's BITI is a flat-packed MDF ribbon holder from The MDF Man.  I originally went to the MDF man for a letter rack and a remote control organiser but neither of those were available.  I was happy to see this ribbon rack though because I don't have that many reels of ribbon and I would like them to be organised.

I painted it with Autentico Chalk Paint in Byzantine.  I am planning to sand it back to its undercoat of Bathstone that I put on first and then rub some of this lime green Liquid Pearls on it to give it a crazy distressed look. 

I have also used some of my other lovely purchases from the day, but I'm not entirely sure yet whether there is going to be a BITI week or whether I'm just saving it for next Monday!  Meanwhile, why not go over to Scrapbooks and Cookbooks, or better yet, join in with us for Buy It, Try It Mondays!


Sian said...

This was a great entertaining read! I'm so glad you gave us a wave today and let me know, so I got the chance to enjoy it. Have an excellent week!

Wendy said...

The ribbon rack is lovely, I do love the colour, the photo doesn't do it complete justice!

KraftyKaren said...

oooo very nice x

Barbara said...

What a great weekend!