Wednesday, 25 March 2015

WOYWW #303 - Hole in the chaos

Hello!  And hello especially to my fellow deskers!

For those of you who don't know the acronym in my title today, it means What's On your work desk Wednesday.  This is where I'm at today:

I spent some time tidying the desk up.  There are still piles here and there because I burst in today like a headless chicken looking for something.  Found it and left.  But before that it was looking pretty good.

There is actually work going on here... I started sticking a title down on Monday night and I walked away from it, not to return until now.  I'll be finishing it up soon.

Why is the scrapbook page upside down?

This title needed to be lined up with the top of the photo and it was too far to reach and still be accurate.  So I turned it over and I'm laying the rest of it down now, all in reverse.  You'll see the finished article soon enough if you read this blog on days other than Wednesday.  :)

Want to participate in WOYWW?  Want to snoop through some other peoples' desks?  Go here:

If you've written a post about your desk along with a photo, copy the link to your clipboard beforehand.  Then you can paste it into Mr. Linky and join in with us!!

Happy Wednesday!


jan spencer said...

I know the feeling looking for something, I was sorting through my drawer and found a tiny stamp I can't remember even seeing before, I think it was a freebie from my craft mag.
Jan s. No 46

Pat Taviss said...

Living in a cyclone zone also describes my desk space. Still looks like you are having fun.

Thx for sharing
Pat #15

Jennifer Stahr said...

I hear ya about chaos! I'm forever putting things away. It seems I never get any crafting done! *hugs*

Jen (My Scrap Menagerie #72)