Thursday, 5 March 2015

Two Easter Layouts

Hey, get out your party horns!  This is my 500th post!  I thought I had more... when KraftyKaren reported her 1000th, I thought for sure I'd done as much.  Not so!!!  Happy 500th to me!

More scrapbooking!  These pages were mostly done last year.  I have been working on putting finishing touches on them.  This one needed a title, and as it's a school thing, it will be going in my album.

This orangey one has more photos on it and will be going into Victoria's school album.  I like to keep the school layouts simple because they will hopefully all fit into one single album and I want it to be less bulky.

The most important thing for me with these layouts is just to get the dates on them so that I can put them in the right year section of the school scrapbook.  My large gap in scrapbooking meant I had to do some detective work to find out the dates.  It was a quick job but precisely the kind of thing I tend to procrastinate about.

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