Saturday, 19 June 2010

Sy's Satisfying Stack of Squares!

Alliteration makes my son laugh his head off. I wonder if he'll see this title.

I was storing my squares in a perfectly-sized mobile phone box, but it was no longer closing properly. I decided to take two lengths of yarn, tie them together at their centre points, and make an x on the bottom of the first square, bringing the long ends up through the corners of my other squares stacked on top. What it has done is make a lovely stack out of my 19 finished squares, with plenty of room to add more. I love looking at all the colours squashed together like this too. The scheme makes more sense now that I see it together in stripes.

Making this stack has also given me the opportunity to weave in ends that I had left out. Sadly, due to the number of squares that had loose ends, this tiny organisation project took me over an hour!! Figures.

I intended to do some tidying up in my craft area upstairs today. I must grab a bite and do that afterward. :)

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