Monday, 14 June 2010

Art of Crochet Squares 13 and 14

First of all, Happy Birthday to my little girl Victoria. She's three today!

She sat on my lap as I made the square on the right, a clover pink and maize one. She loved it. She took a scrap of maize yarn and put it in her mouth. It was hanging out both sides and I told her to say "I am the Walrus!" and she did. It was a hoot!! So I put a scrap of the pink yarn in my mouth and did it too. We had a good giggle.

On the left, another white square with a cross-stitched diamond, this time in Aubergine.

I'm getting quicker at making these squares up. If I want a small diversion, they are the perfect size and time to stitch. As I type this, I have up to Issue 19 in my binder waiting to be read, re-organised into its categories, and of course the cover squares made up.

I get my issues sent to me every four weeks in a pack of four issues at a time. I have found that if I make up all the squares whenever I get round to it, I run out of issues and end up waiting on tenterhooks for the next shipment to come, so I have started to regulate it. Tuesday is my crochet day usually and if I do my cover square on the Tuesday then by the time I've stitched my last one, the new package will be on its way.

Get it?

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Scrappy~Sarah said...

wow you have been a busy bunny. :) Look forward to the completed project