Monday, 28 June 2010

Art of Crochet Squares 19 and 20

I had to wait for the shipment containing issues 20-23 in order to finish the square that came with issue 19. No big deal though-- it's now done! A granny square in redcurrant, maize and lilac. The bobble square has returned, with the colours of the bobbles in a slightly different order, if I remember correctly.

Some of the squares will be repeating from here on in because I had a look at a photo of the finished product and I could see two of the same square in many places. There are also a lot of the same patterns in different colourways, which is fine. I like going back and revisiting different techniques.


Wendy said...

you are getting on well there..... how many squares are there in total?

KarmaCraft said...

I wish I knew!! :)