Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Art of Crochet Squares 1 and 2

The next series of posts to my blog will be about my crochet partwork from Hachette. Every week you get an issue with a free ball of yarn and instructions for making one square and it builds up into a vintage throw. There's lots of other stuff in there too- clothing, accessories, home decor items... every issue has lots of things I want to make in it.

Anyway, here's the first two squares I made.
The colours don't come out too well but they're calling them redcurrant and clover pink.

The quality of the yarn is nice. It's softer than acrylics that I've been using and it's a bit shiny and smooth. It's not mercerised cotton though. I don't actually know what it is. I'll have to check the labels.

More later.

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KraftyKaren said...

Very pretty - looking forward to seeing how your throw progresses