Sunday, 6 June 2010

From Cross-Stitch to Crochet!

I tried to make a sweater ages ago from a crochet book. I stupidly attempted to make it bigger and ended up with a sweater that would only fit a hunchback with no hips. That's nothing like me, so I made a New Year's Resolution to unravel it and make something else with the yarn. Well, I have! Here it is:

It's a v-shaped wrap made of squares of four different textures but in the same colour yarn. I hadn't realised where I got that brilliant idea until I noticed Wendy's knitted squares throw. I remember when she learned how to put it together! It was ages before I even started this project. It must have been looming in my subconscious. Lovely!

My throws and wraps tend to get tucked away at this time of year, so I don't really get a chance to appreciate my work. It'll be nice to take them out of hibernation when it gets colder again.


KraftyKaren said...

LOL Sy it has only just warmed up!! Still won't be long till winter is back - it looks gorgeous!

Wendy said...

I think you have put it together better than I did mine! Looks great :-)