Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Catching up with Cross Stitch

I thought I'd catch you up. I've got a UFO (un-finished object) that I've been avoiding for years and years and only work on sporadically. It's a bird cross-stitch and a friend of mine lit a fire under me and I've been working on it quite a lot lately. This picture here is what it looked like when I picked it up after quite a while of avoiding it.

Here's a better view, this time with a bit more of a bird done on it and some of the base of the birdhouse. Still so much to do on it.

More later.


KraftyKaren said...

Great to see it growing slowly Sy - I really ought to do an update on my butterfly afghan - perhaps if I take photographs periodically it will spur me on to complete it sometime this century LOL!

PS Thank you for your comments on my card - would you like a sheet of that paper in the K&Co bag that I have done up for you?

Scrappy~Sarah said...

That is stunning - well done on getting that far :)