Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Old School

Sorry about the lighting on this one... the editing didn't quite come out as I planned.

Stamps and a die cut title and that's about it for this one... more Brenda Pinnick paper.  These are pictures of my old elementary school in Westborough, Massachusetts.  The three smaller photos are of the front, and the larger one is of a jungle gym (UK: Climbing Frame) that my friend Nikki and I used to sit at the top of... and just talk or sing or whatever until the bell rang to go back in.

It was very strange to stand next to that now, fully grown, and watch my daughter climb on it.  Honestly, I'm surprised it's still there.  This one was called the Spider because there was a larger one nearby that we called the Spider Web.  Not because it looks in any way like a spider.

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