Saturday, 10 July 2010

A Word about My Scrapping Style

That word is Simple.

I don't scrap to make use of the very latest products.
I don't scrap to impress people.
I don't scrap to get published in magazines.

I do scrap to place my photos along with stories, dates and descriptions so that the photos will tell a story in the future.

I do scrap to share my work with friends and family, and to see the looks on my babies' faces when they see pages with their own photos and stories on them.

I do scrap because I enjoy the process.

I don't blog my scrapping to fish for compliments.
I don't blog my scrapping to rack up a record list of comments.

I do blog my scrapping so my family and friends abroad can see my work.

So, what will follow sometimes, as of tomorrow, are scrapbook pages I have made recently. :)
Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

KraftyKaren said...

I envy how quickly you get on with your pages Sy. I spend way too much time fiddling and fussing with mine. I look forward to seeing your layouts on this blog.