Monday, 26 July 2010

I'm on a journey...

After the phenomenal success of the rose card and my phenomenal failure to properly package it, I am now trying to design a box to put it in. This is a basic box design that I made myself on my Craft Robo software. I made the bottom and then I modified it a little, dragging it out from the corner to make it a tad bigger and adding a rounded-corner rectangle window. I saved it out as box top. This was two nights ago. I came back to it last night to try and cut it and my line settings hadn't worked properly and all my dashed cuts were straight solid cuts. Not the way to make a box. So after a quick peep in the help, I fixed it. (For those of you with Robos, this is in Output Settings. You can colour-code your lines to cut straight or dashed.)

So I cut it correctly the fourth time or so, and then added an acetate insert to the inside of the lid (not pictured). I have now cut a few more and I will put them together so I don't forget.

What will follow will be a marathon session making three half-dozen-roses cards with 11 or 12 leaves apiece.

I've been told that if you make one individual item it can take ages, but if you're making a lot of them, the additional time required is marginal. I'm hoping this is correct because I'm about to start a journey.

Are you coming with me?

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