Friday, 23 July 2010

Nanny's Birthday Card

Here it is! My first card actually made with Floral Punch Craft flowers! I'm really happy with it. I hope my Mother-in-law likes it too. She grows roses, so it's appropriate.

I want to make another one now!! But it did take quite some time. Also, I'll have to make boxes for them if I start making them because they are so dimensional.

This one's going to be hand-delivered so it doesn't matter. I took the envelope apart and then loosely wrapped it around the card and taped it back together again. Seemed the best way.
Okay, for the crafty people who read this, here's the side-view. I put collars on all of them, and stuck the leaves to the petals, and a few on the card itself. Spoils the effect to see it from the side, doesn't it? Sorry...

I used oak leaves for the rose leaves. The shape's wrong but the colour is right thanks to chalks. :) I made 12 leaves and veined them and everything and ruined one. I fancy getting the fern punch. I got on well with that one. It may have looked even better.


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Looks gorgeous. I am sure she will love it, and thanks for the side view :)

KarmaCraft said...

I thought it would be helpful, crafter-to-crafter... :)

KraftyKaren said...

That is a fab card Sy - I am looking forward to having time now I am home to actually making more flowers and then putting them on cards.