Friday, 30 July 2010

All three together!

My last card was another one of peach roses, similar to the ones I made for my mother-in-law's birthday card. I thought it would be a bit repetitive to post the peach on its own, then the grouping so I'll just post the three of them together-- a little over a day's work, including faffing about with my Craft Robo to get the boxes made properly. I'm thinking I might make them and see who'll buy them. Thing is, I don't know how much to charge as they do take a lot of time and energy. I will need to "up my game" with the boxes as well if I want them to sell. That's not really a problem though-- I'll just use nicer card!


KraftyKaren said...

These are lovely Sy - I haven't forgotten your challenge and am busy making cornflowers ready to do a card at the weekend LOL!!!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

They are beautiful, and well done on making the boxes for them too