Monday, 23 January 2017

Mandala Monday #3

Magnificent Mandala Monday to you all!  Here's a double- mandala entry today, and not in a form that you are expecting:

This started out as one complete Mandala, and it was very important to select one for this that can be quartered.  This one could.  I used a teabag folding technique on the mandala that I took from a colouring book.  After folding it, I worked out what needed to be coloured and then adhered the sections together into this fan shape.  I cut around the mandala shape because there was a lot of extra paper hanging off that was plain white and I didn't like it.

Here's another one that I made the same way.  I enjoyed making them and I may continue in this way as I complete the designs in the book.  I like to use my colouring in projects rather than just doing it and shutting it away or trying to display everything I've made.

My plan for these is to adhere them to notebook covers and then cover the cover with acetate, so that the finished fan shape can keep its form without snagging on things and damaging the design.

Of course, I will post the finished article when it's done.

And now it's over to you- share your Mandala blog posts in the comments section and I will try to visit and comment on all of them!!

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