Monday, 16 January 2017

Mandala Monday #2

How has your week been?  I hope it's been full of creative loveliness as mine has.

This is Week 2 of Mandala Monday, and here is this week's Mandala:

This is the first ever Mandala that I have drawn.  I started out using a compass to draw the original circle.  Then I put the compass point at 4 equidistant points around the circle and drew semi-circles.  Honestly, I can't remember where I went from there but I ended up with a flower shape, and that flower shape dictated an inner circle which I drew freehand which you can probably see here.

Once the main shape was drawn and subsequently outlined with an 08 pigment pen, I proceeded to mark out small areas and fill them with patterns, working from the inside out, first on each petal and then around the outside, wihch led me to try making the arch shapes.  I was thrilled with how these shapes came to look!

All in all, I'm very surprised that I was able to do this, and it felt good to start with an initial framework and fill it in without too much forethought, but just concentrating in the moment and enjoying the process!

Did you blog a Mandala this Monday?  If so, please do join in and leave a comment below linking us to your Mandala Monday entry for this week.  I'd really love to see what you've done too!

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