Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Back on the Tatty-Wagon!

This is a photo of my footrest that I took during a "butt-rot" weekend.  That's when I just sit on the sofa, catch up on TV and do crafts.  This time it was tatting and pinning out other tatting to block it.  I got an Amazon delivery, hence the packing tape in the photo too... this is descriptive of many of my weekends at home.  I just happened to photograph it this time.  Thought I'd share.   On a Tuesday.  Random.

I have been tatting quite a lot lately, because I decided to teach myself needle tatting.  In the photo below, the items were shuttle tatted and the blue and pink plastic pieces on the bottom are shuttles.  You  wind the thread around the shuttles and then make your design.  I had been doing cro-tat ornaments over the holidays and that is yet another form of tatting which incorporates crochet to make the designs more flexible.  Shuttle tatting, Needle tatting, and Cro-tat.  Three different ways and I know them all now!

I must say that I am enjoying all types but needle tatting is the easiest one to fix if it goes wrong.

For a great needle tatting tutorial in three parts, try making Ruby Lockwood's Mug Rug.  It's on YouTube.  Warning- she has a bird!  In the third part, Miku is getting a bit cheeky... caw!!!  She's a normal human being as well, so she does make a few mistakes and undoes them.  This is great because there's too many perfectionists out there.  Watch it through before you join in.  If you  make anything from it, please don't forget to like the video, and send me a little note too to let me know if you've tried it!

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