Monday, 9 January 2017

Mandala Monday #1!

Seems that this is The Year of The Mandala.  So declares Simply Crochet, and as I have recently received a 'How to draw Mandalas' book and a crochet Mandalas book, I thought, why not start a little theme for this year, Mandala Monday?

So here we are, the first Mandala Monday.  And I would like to start out by inviting people to join in!

Here's what you do:

1. Blog a Mandala that you have made- this could be crocheted, embroidered, knitted, drawn, painted, done in sand... any method at all, and I will include 'adult colouring' too- if you have a book of mandala patterns and you've added colour, you're in it too!  I would like it if you would include my blog address on there so people can come and join in too!

2. View your blog entry like a regular viewer would, and copy the entire URL (web address).   You may need to click on the title of the entry to get the full URL of the entry itself.

3. Comment on the current week's Mandala Monday entry here, and paste the URL of your entry for the week (not the blog front page) in the comments section.

That's it!

Mandalas are great fun, for pattern lovers and spiritualists and everyone in between!

My first Mandala was made on Christmas Day, when I finally allowed myself to open the Mandala Book that Wendy got me!  Here it is, and have a Majestic Mandala Monday!!

Until next week!


Wendy said...

That is gorgeous :-) Will try to join in next Monday!

KarmaCraft said...