Friday, 5 July 2013

Two Scrapbook Pages

I haven't done a lot of scrapbooking this year.  I fear I may be spreading myself too thinly craft-wise.  Nevertheless, here are two more that I made months ago and forgot to blog.

This one was made entirely with scraps, stickers and a single sheet of basic grey.  I believe the collection is called Wisteria, but I have a touch of crafty amnesia.  The title is hand-drawn.

My son played the violin for a couple of years and then quit.  Here he is playing in the Olympiad of Sweet Sounds in 2011.  Violinists will notice that he is holding the instrument wrong!

First Day of  School.  Self-explanatory really.  This was the first time that my babies were in the same school.  I made three of these pages: one for my son, one for my daughter and one for me. By the end of their school career they will have albums to take away with them when they fly the nest.

This page was made with Basic Grey Wisteria too.  It's such a lovely collection. The larger words of the title were cut in a font called Elephants in Cherry Trees.

I've been looking enviously at my friends' blogs, loving their work and at the same time wanting-- no,  needing-- to do the same.  Perhaps it is time to dust off my scrapping stash!

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