Sunday, 7 July 2013

Pebble Crackle Mirror

Another day, another Ikea mirror.  This time, I have used a fantastic paint by Viva Decor called Croco.  It is a one-step crackle paint with quite a heavy body.  It's also a bit pearlescent.  Each of these pictures will show a slightly different colour because I have varied the angle.

I have applied the Viva Decor Croco paint generously through a Crafters Workshop stencil called Mini Pebbles.  I used a palette knife and skimmed the paint thickly over the top, carefully lifting the stencil straight up to reveal quite thick shapes.  I worked in sections and came back to it after days, if not weeks.  I used a mix of Azure and Turqoise for this mirror.

The great thing about Croco is that the thicker you apply it, the more pronounced the crackle effect will be.

This lovely specimen is not yet finished.  Once it is, if you're in love with it, you may purchase it on my Folksy Shop.  I will be putting all of my mirrors on there eventually.  Just look for the tag "Arty Farty" for the rest of them.

(As I blog this, Folksy is down for maintenance and I can't get the direct link on here.  I think it may be  -- but don't quote me on that.)

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Wendy said...

At last a use for my croco! That looks fab :-)