Sunday, 27 January 2013

Swatch Book

I keep a lot of my crafty bits and bobs in boxes and I never really know what I have, so I need a handy reminder.  I keep intending to make swatch books and I never do.   Well, this is the year and today was the day.  Here are my swatches of my shimmer sprays.  I have six Cosmic Shimmer ones and the others are Moon Glow ones from a long time ago.   I added some distress re-inker to a few of them to give them more colour.

I haven't used my sprays for a while, so I was surprised to find only one of them wasn't working properly.  It turned out the one that wasn't working was actually broken and easily replaced by another spray bottle that I had with water in it, which was luckily exactly the same size as the broken one.  Lucky!  I do now need another one for spraying just water though.

These swatches are ATC-sized-- 3.5 x 2.5 inches-- and they hang from a book ring.  I am going to keep all my swatches on one ring as long as they will fit.  Also on this ring are my distress stains and distress inks swatches.

Now that I can see at a glance what my options are, I will be more likely to use my sprays, stains and inks more often, and even in combination!  Score one for organisation.

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Wendy said...

More organised than me :-)