Monday, 13 June 2011

Twilight Picnic

Okay, Vampire fans, don't get all excited. The Twilight Picnic was the school's theme for World Book Night. The kids brought sleeping bags, pyjamas, a teddy and their favourite book and all sat together drinking hot chocolate and reading. Recipe for disaster if you ask me, the hot chocolate was too hot and all that stuff had to be schlepped to and from the school by the poor parents in the rain for the sake of one hour of sitting and reading. The first problem was solved by there being some cold water on hand to top up the hot choc with to cool it down. The rest of it remained but when we saw how they enjoyed it, I think most of us would have carried the lot down to the school again.

More Hello Luscious and Bazzill, some of the stickers that came with the Hello Luscious pack, and that is really about it. Title is stamped with one of my three Papermania sets again. Nice simple layout, keeps the attention on the photo, where it belongs.

The line at the top is just a shadow, it's not a different colour or anything.

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KraftyKaren said...

Lovely layout Sy. Looks like they enjoyed themselves.

Karen x