Monday, 20 June 2011

Fairy Party Invites

I can't decide if this is a work of genius or an epic fail. These are my daughter's party invitations that she handed out at school. They are ATC sized and have all the party details on the back.

For the grown-ups out there, it looks a bit like the fairy is having a wee-wee and it's made itself into an exclamation point. Depending on how the stamping went on these cards, they do sometimes look like the exclamation point is attached to the fairy's body and well... no comment. :( Nobody at the party mentioned it so I guess it only looks bad if you have a dirty mind...

Do you have a dirty mind?

This invitation is made with cardstock from PayPerBox. The green is a lovely sparkly card with a golden sheen. Very Tinkerbell in my opinion. I stamped the fairies and message with Versafine. The stamp set is from Personal Impressions. They do so many sets nowadays I don't know if you'll find it... but it's a lovely set of fairy silhouettes. The wings have micro-fine white irridescent glitter on them. My daughter helped with that part and she had a great time.

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