Sunday, 19 June 2011

Koochie Copey

Meet Koochie Copey. I don't remember whether I blogged him or not, but Koochie is a crocheted version of a toy owned by a character in a TV show called Bob's Burgers.

It became sort of an in-joke with a friend of mine, and eventually another friend too, so there are two Koochie Copeys in existence, both made by my fair hand. The second is not yet finished. I plan on making a third eventually but my crochet to-do list is getting a little long.

There are some basic rules to making amigurumi (little crocheted doll characters) and I just followed them and crocheted, making notes as I went, and out came this little guy. His bottom is a cheap tupperware-like lid, and he's stuffed with poly fibrefill.

The scrapbook page is made with bazzill cardstock and paper and stickers from the Basic Grey Hello Luscious range. The title is stamped with Papermania alphabet stamps and hand-written journaling is below.

"Things could be better, Koochie... things could be better."

If you often find yourself thinking that things could be better, perhaps you need a Koochie Copey.

Check out Bob's Burgers!!!

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Wendy said...

I love him :-) now you know what to give me for Christmas...... LOL