Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cyber Crop class 3 done!

I've done the third cybercrop class at ATDML - here it is.

I didn't have the paper that the lesson uses but I took the sunburst shape and drew it on the back of the patterned paper I did use which was Basic Grey Fusion.


Jill said...

Really like the muted colours on this. Have you used up all your stash yet :)?

KarmaCraft said...

That will never happen, I assure you. ;) I'm thinking the colours are muted because of the glare on the photos... the paper itself is Basic Grey Fusion... you have it in your sale box... quick, go fish it out!

KarmaCraft said...

ermm... wrong Jill. :) The Jill I thought you were has a shop. Sorry, that must have sounded weird!