Saturday, 21 May 2011

Victoria's First School Photo, another LO.

This is a second outing for this photo of Victoria at Nursery. The one you saw before was for my own personal album and this one is for her school album.

As I've done my son's school album, I've noticed that there's a pattern to the pages I make. There's the individual school photo, the group photo of his class, his various events throughout the year, and a page or two for certificates and bits and pieces. This was very useful information when I started Victoria's.

I recently spent a day trying to get caught up on the school albums and I'm happy to say I was successful! Since each year boils down to a few pages, it's easier than it sounds.

This page is Bloom & Grow again. When I buy a pack of paper, I usually use it all up. Stay tuned for the Basic Grey Hello Luscious collection, coming soon!

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KraftyKaren said...

Gosh she is growing up fast - anothe lovely layout.

Karen x