Friday, 27 May 2011

FPC Friday - Missing!

I have some flowers done, as it happens... but I'm quite busy preparing for other things at the moment and I haven't got round to making these into a card and photographing it.

Instead, this FPC (Floral Punch Craft) Friday, I am going to ask:

Has anyone tried Floral Punch Craft as a result of reading my blog? Is there anyone out there reading that enjoys Floral Punch Craft and comes to see what I've done, that hasn't spoken up before?

Do let me know. Also, if you are familiar with Floral Punch Craft, please feel free to issue me a challenge or ask a question. I'm no expert, but perhaps I may be able to help anyway. You never know, right?

I will endeavour to have my Teardrop Flowers ready for posting next week.

Sorry about that!!!

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