Friday, 20 May 2011

FPC Friday - Waratah

This flower is called the Waratah, and it's from book 9. This one took me quite a while to do and I need to make this again quite soon because I made some key mistakes that i need to teach myself how to fix!

Understandably, the centre took the longest to make. It's a lot of fun though. In the book, the instructions are on one page, to be continued toward the back of the book. In one sitting, I did the first page of instructions and then later in the week I did the second page. Once the centre is done, the rest of it flies by! The leaves on this one have been glossed with Glossy Accents, but I think this gloss may be too thick for doing leaves. I have a clear paper varnish that I will try to use next time. That should add the shine without losing the detail of the veining on the leaves.

The card blank is from an old QVC kit. I'm glad I'm finally finding a use for them!

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