Sunday, 29 August 2010

New Blog Award!

I have Sarah to thank for my newest blog award, the Cherry On Top Award!

There are 5 conditions to accepting this award, so here goes.

1. Thank the person who gave me the award-- that would be Sarah!

2. I need to place the award on my blog-- I have done that. I have added it to my right-hand column, have a peek. It's clustered with my other two blog awards.

3. I need to list three things about myself:
I am not allergic to anything. Fact!
I really, really love cheese. Fact!
I am a serial procrastinator. I should be cleaning right now.

4. I need to post a picture that I love. Here goes:

These are my sweeties. They look pretty innocent, don't they? Hah. :) Look at how the devil-child in the back managed to stop her eyes glowing red to make a sweet face complete with the praying hands of an angel! Somebody get her an agent!!!

I do love them really... :) My little babies, behaving very nicely in the shoe store.

And finally:

5. Tag five people to give the award to and pass it on:

Ooh, who to pick!! I think I'll go for my Bombshell gals this time because they're cherry-licious!

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