Friday, 27 August 2010

FPC Friday - Cornflower Card

Seven cornflowers, one collar, six wedges. Looks good, methinks. :)

Floral Punch Craft has been breathing life into my old stash and old supplies that I haven't used in ages, and this card contains one example.

Years ago, I bought a bumper set of all different card blanks, box-card envelopes, and lots of other stuff. Each design came in every colour in the set. Some of the cards had circular and square apertures which were die-cut, but the extra piece was still in the card itself hanging on by little bits left un-cut. I saved these bits. There were also huge cards (bigger than A5 I'm pretty sure) with boxes to match.

I used up almost all of the card blanks-- at least the plain ones. I still have some die-cut ones left which I intend to try and use with my flowers. I've got a use for the card boxes now. I also have taken some scraps of cardstock and cut scalloped circle borders to layer with the leftover circle die-cuts from the card apertures. I will be doing the same eventually with the squares.

Yes, this is actually exciting for me. I'm using up things that were just taking up space until now. It's a good thing. :)

Thank You Floral Punch Craft!


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Beautiful card. Well done for digging out and using the old stash

Jillybean said...

Another lovely card Sy. And a great way for using up your stash. A brilliant idea

Nicole Maki said...

Beautiful card. Love that you are using up your stash. I went a year without buying any new crafty stuff except adhesive and my punches really made my older stuff feel new again.

Thank you for the crochet flowers - it was cool of you to spy it on my wreath.

KraftyKaren said...

More lovely flowers Sy and well done on using up old stash.

Axa said...

love those flowers!