Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Another Card for Karen

Another non-surprise for Karen. Hopefully she won't see this until she's opened her birthday card, because this is it! It's the first actual flower arrangement I made with different types of flowers and leaves. I really enjoyed this and it used up most of the flowers that I made in the punchcraft class and two days after. I was a little bit pleased with myself. I just worry that it'll fall apart before she opens it.

If it did, Karen, here's what it used to look like if you want to try and re-assemble it...


KraftyKaren said...

ROFL Sy!!!

No it is perfectly assembled - nothing has fallen off.

Really beautiful card!

K xx

KraftyKaren said...

Oh and your photo doesn't do it justice at all - it is much pinker and prettier irl.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Beautiful Sy. You really have the knack for these blossoms :)