Friday, 16 June 2017

Citrus crochet day

Nothing like seeing a new follower pop up on Bloglovin' to remind a gal she hasn't been blogging!!  Hello new follower!

What shall I share?  It's not Monday... so the mandala will have to wait... wednesday is for CAL updates... I had planned something for Fridays but I can't remember, so let's find a pic to share...

I guess I should catch you all up... I seem to have started selling essential oils.  I just took delivery of a lovely citrus trio of oils and so I was inspired to make this little orange crocheted car diffuser.  It has a loop on the top and bottom and I clip it to one of the vents in my car with mini clothespegs.  Then I just drop some essential oil on and presto, citrusy freshness.

Just in case you're curious and would like a look at what I've got myself into, check out my page:

Any questions, message me across my social media channels... Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @hapaxstudios if you please.

Happy Friday!

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